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i love you... forever


“hello, hello i love you,
you’re really really beautiful...”

on the side of a mountain,
shrouded in cloud,
the magic in silence is so loud.


small paper people
with big hearts,
singing songs of running water.
fridge hums, fan whirrs.
lady shouting in the street,
someone killed her dog and ate it...
and the waves keep rolling in,
it’s a long time.


magenta dreams
of butterflies and bouganvillea,
of dragonfruit and dragonflies...

you and me, we met in a dream,
in the depths of a stream under moonlight.
and we held each other forever it seems,
through a lifetime of dreams until midnight.


egg moon hanging in a fire-lit night,
eating stars with chopsticks,
on the beach, forever...
by a sea studded with soup bowls and spoons,
dark half moons with chopstick paddles,

the plastic wrapping is still on my mattress.
it says: Love was forever.
there’s an insect in the bathroom who sings a song about forever...

forever is a long time...

it was a long time ago.


soared so high
in a peppermint sky,
such joy it was to fly!
and falling, falling,
i thought i might die...
i picked all the seeds from a dragonfruit,
dark flecks slotted into pure white flesh.
i am almost free,
with my magenta dreams,
of sunset scenes...
i travelled everywhere with you...
then i cried me a river, without shedding a tear.


love is the message.
i am a water fountain dancing,
silent in a busy street,
rubies on my feet,
empty, full, complete...

and the cloud sinks back down,
through invisible sounds,
and fluttering bamboo, for you.



© dolores cupcake 2008


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